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Google’s artificial intelligence will soon be able to answer your email for you

( Some will think it pretty cool while others will likely drop Google as an email provider over fears the tech giant’s artificial intelligence is simply getting too big and too powerful.

As reported by Popular Mechanics, a few months ago Google began in earnest demonstrating its newest secret weapon, so to speak: A robot brain that is capable of learning. Using machine-learning algorithms that get smarter with user experience, Google has been able to identify your loved ones in photo albums as well as comprehend what you may want to search for based on what is displayed on your phone screen.

Soon, this learning algorithm could be answering your email, too.

The new feature is called “Smart Reply and its for Inbox, the new Gmail alternative the tech and media behemoth announced some time ago. When using it, Smart Reply works simply by offering a handful of prewritten options to respond to emails. You can either select one and send it off or ignore them and type on in on your own.

But the entire time the AI is “learning” your habits and your email. And some say the algorithm could be employed as tracking software as well, since it would constantly be “learning” your habits.

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“Behind the scenes however, this is a massive accomplishment. A computer is reading your email (slightly creepy but nothing new) and understanding its meaning,” Popular Mechanics reported. “It’s not as simple as just identifying a few keywords like ‘plans’ and then spitting out a few auto-responses about ‘I’ll send them.’”

These algorithms actually are designed to learn from scratch – by reading thousands of emails and thousands of responses (get it now?), all the while slowly getting more adept at predicting what kind of responses will match what kind of emails.

In March 2012, Natural News reported that Google began tracking iPhones and computers by bypassing Apple’s privacy settings, so they could track Web-browsing habits they had intended to be blocked.

To do it, the companies used a special code that tricked Apple’s Safari Web-browsing software into dropping its guard, so to speak, thus allowing them to monitor users. Safari, which is the most widely used browser on mobile devices, is designed by default to block such monitoring.

And just recently, reported that an AI robot managed to score higher than a four-year-old on an IQ test. That may not sound like a big deal, but AI is in its infancy – it will only become more sophisticated with time.

Cool? Or spooky? You decide.

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