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Once banned ‘Sex with Robots’ conference taking place at London university

In one of the most pathetic news stories of the year thus far – which is saying a lot about the year that has given us the story of how Anthony Weiner’s nude photos may win Donald Trump the election – sex robots are on the verge of breaking their way back into the mainstream.

Despite being previously banned, the controversial Sex with Robots conference is now taking place at Goldsmiths University in London – and there are some interesting topics being discussed. The future of robotic sex is the prime subject, though, and as odd as it may sound to many of us, there is a large community out there that is looking forward to the day when sex robots become commonplace.

Amy Clare-Martin of the UK publication Mirror writes, “Goldsmiths computing lecturer Dr Kate Devlin – whose controversial essay ‘In Defence of Sex Robots’ has been read by half a million people worldwide – is hosting the event. The expert believes interest in the field of human-computer interaction is on the rise, with film, TV and even academic debate turning its attention to the human relationships with technology.”

While the members of the robot sex community are obviously excited about the potential to one day have sexual intercourse with a walking, talking and perhaps even feeling mechanical being, there are obvious dangers associated with such a future. Once people are intentionally avoiding human contact because they can reach total pleasure with a piece of machinery, civilization could be headed in a frightening direction. This could be the beginning of an artificial intelligence takeover.

What was once believed to be an irrational conspiracy theory has, in recent years, become much more believable. The robots currently being created are more human than ever, but they’re also more horrifying because of that very fact. Why people would want to go to bed with such a device is something that is difficult to fathom, but in a world where someone married Hillary Clinton, anything is possible.

We have to be careful out there, folks. The world is a scary, unpredictable place, and what could seem like a strange fetish one second could be taking over the entire world the next. We have to stick to our guns in regards to issues such as this one. Scientific advancements are always exciting, but sometimes they go too far. And when they go too far, we all pay the price.


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